Minimalistic Bathroom Accessories for Hotels

  • Client: SPAZA
  • Year: 2018
  • Category: Interior

The products are not the focus. Space is the focus. Spaza reclaims surfaces, frees up space and creates room for the things that matter. The way in which every single one of our products are formed serves a specific purpose and does not try to capture the observer’s attention. What makes the designs minimalist is the effect they have on their surroundings and the space they create.


Design a new series of functional interior design products from idea to market.


The products are manufactured from a single raw material into a single-component item. Using as few manufacturing elements as possible and sticking to simple materials and forms are the limitations that define the complexity of creating minimalist products.


Spaza offers a full range of toilet and bathroom accessories such as solutions for wall-mounted beauty products, bottle holders, shower shelving, cup holders and hooks. Our products are exclusively manufactured in Sweden and in line with Swedish design and industry traditions.

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