Mega-Sized Swedbank Brand Symbol

  • Client: Swedbank
  • Year: 2015
  • Category: Interior

More than 3 000 individuals in Sweden die from not taking their medication as prescribed costing society 20 billion SEK a year. 10% of all hospitalizations at Karolinska are due to not taking their medication as they should. This is 100% preventable. This also explains why some patients don’t get better, suffer surprising relapses and even die when they are given drug prescriptions that should keep their disorders under control.


Design the mechanical product, make it compatible with electronics and serial production (plastic injection moulding).


  • Make compatible with built-in electronics, sensors, GSM antenna, switch, LEDs and chargeable batteries etc.
  • Follows applicable ISO standards
  • CE marked
  • End-to-end encryption in combination with database encryption protecting the data throughout its lifecycle.


Pilloxas smart pillbox and mobile application make it easy to use medicine in a smart and safe way.

About Pilloxa

Pilloxa was founded in 2015 and produce a smart pillbox with embedded sensors that are connected to a mobile application.

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