Digital ”Forget-me-not” medication Smart Pill dispenser

Pilloxa was founded in 2015 and produce a smart pillbox with embedded sensors that are connected to a mobile application.

Segment: Medtech

”Christian started with a conceptual prototype, brought our requirements and took the entire journey to serial production. As said, he moved across the whole chain from contact with the manufacturers and our developers in a way we could solve our challenges. I appreciate that Christian is both hands on and can take the ownership perspective.”

Francesco Mazzotta

CEO, Co-founder


Design the mechanical product, make it compatible with electronics and serial production (plastic injection moulding).


More than 3 000 individuals in Sweden die from not taking their medication as prescribed costing society 20 billion SEK a year. 10% of all hospitalizations at Karolinska are due to not taking their medication as they should. This is 100% preventable. This also explains why some patients don’t get better, suffer surprising relapses and even die when they are given drug prescriptions that should keep their disorders under control.


  • Make compatible with built-in electronics, sensors, GSM antenna, switch, LEDs and chargeable batteries etc.
  • Follows applicable ISO standards
  • CE marked
  • End-to-end encryption in combination with database encryption protecting the data throughout its lifecycle.


Pilloxas smart pillbox and mobile application make it easy to use medicine in a smart and safe way.

Worked Outline

Phase 1: Brief
  • ☒ research (materials, suppliers, time and cost analysis, product strategy)
Phase 2: Proposal
  • ☒ ideation (concept development, requirements/parameters)
  • ☒ 3D modeling
  • ☒ visualization of concept
  • ☒ physical model or prototype
Phase 3: Production and Development
  • ☒ CAD (solid and surface modeling)
  • ☒ design for manufacturing and assembly
  • ☒ problem-solving regarding for example mechanical issues
  • ☒ prototype production
  • ☒ supplier relations
  • ☒ project management
  • ☒ quality and performance assessments
  • ☒ cost optimization
  • ☒ testing
Phase 4: Industrialization
  • ☒ drawings and manufacturing documentation
  • ☒ serial production