Red Dot and Svensk Form Award-Winning First Aid Kit

Cederroth develop and market innovative products and solutions that enable ordinary people to give first aid without special previous training. In 2015 Cederroth joined the Orkla Group and the Orkla Care business area.

Segment: Healthcare

”Christian har hjälpt oss förverkliga en produkt för en av våra kunder. Det är lätt och flexibelt att samarbeta med Christian, han kommunicerar väl i projekt och uppdragen levereras alltid i tid.”

Pelle Reinius

Industridesigner, Veryday




  • Plaster dispenser on the outside
  • Easy access to the most commonly used elements such as bandaids so as to protect the more sensitive first aid equiptment
  • Robust and durable
  • Easy to open
  • Keep dust, moisture and dirt out
  • Intuitive and userfriendly navigation


Cederroth First Aid Kit X-Large is a large, well-stocked First Aid Kit made from hard plastic to keep dust, moisture and dirt at bay, even in tough environments. Having the plaster dispenser on the outside makes it easy to remove a plaster, without touching any of the other products in the kit, keeping them hygienically clean.

Worked Outline

Phase 1: Brief
  • ☐ research (materials, suppliers, time and cost analysis)
Phase 2: Proposal
  • ☐ ideation (concept development, requirements/parameters)
Phase 3: Production and Development
  • ☒ CAD-modeling
  • ☒ design for manufacturing and assembly
  • ☒ problem-solving regarding for example mechanical issues
  • ☒ quality and performance assessments
  • ☒ prototype production
Phase 4: Industrialization
  • ☒ drawings and manufacturing documentation